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Gene Editing Service

Gene Editing Service

CRISPR/Cas9 is a gene editing technology developed based on the innate immune mechanism of bacteria. It is mainly composed of endonuclease Cas9 and gRNA (Guide RNA). Cas9 can recognize and bind regions of the genome corresponding to the protospacer adjacent motif (PAM) and form a DNA double-strand unwind. At the same time, the crRNA portion of the gRNA was able to successfully complement and pair with the upstream sequence of the PAM. Once paired, Cas9 activates its endonuclease activity, triggering a double-stranded DNA break at a specific location upstream of the PAM. After the break, the repair mechanism of the cell itself is triggered, and then the gene is knocked out or knocked in.
ClongeneBio has mastered gene editing technology and has leading technical strength. At the same time, the company has a R&D team with high theoretical quality and strong practical ability. We can use the latest CRISPR gene editing method to achieve accurate and efficient gene editing in various fields. Provide customers with professional bioanalysis and gene editing applications to safeguard your research progress and results.

Service Details
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CRISPR customized reagents

- gRNA plasmid construction 
- gRNA library synthesis 
- sgRNA, tracrRNA and customization
- gRNA/Cas9 customization

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Gene editing method selection

- Gene frameshift knockout
- Gene fragment knockout
- Site mutations
 -Tag gene knock-in
- cDNA fragment gene knock-in
- Conditional gene knockout

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Gene-edited cells

- Gene edited cell line construction

Technology Process
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Alternate Text Cell Pool Preparation
Alternate Text Plasmid Transfection
Alternate Text Screening Positive Cell Pool
Alternate Text Monoclonal Cell Screening & Validation
Alternate Text Monoclonal Cell Cryostorage
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Service Workflow
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Alternate Text Program and contract confirmation
Alternate Text Project initiation
Alternate Text Feedback and sample delivery
Alternate Text Scalable production
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