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CHO-K1/ CHO-GS Cell Line Development

CHO-K1/ CHO-GS Cell Line Development

Stable cell line development is the exogenous gene enters the recipient cell and integrates into the cell chromosome, so that the host cells can stably express the target gene in the long term. Stable cell lines are widely used in the fields of recombinant protein, antibody production, gene editing, functional studies and other fields. ClongeneBio has been engaged in protein antibody expression research for many years, has a large amount of experience in the development of stable cell lines, and can provide diversified services to meet the needs of customers. 


Service Details
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Gene synthesis and subclone


- Codon optimization and gene synthesis
- Subcloning into expression plasmids
- Plasmid amplification and preparation

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Transient expression evaluation


- Transient expression

- Expression level detection by ELISA or WB

Alternate Text
Stable pool generation


- Stable transfection
- Stable Pool selection 

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Single clone selection and screening


- Subcloning
- Single clone selection and screening

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Large-scale expression and purification


- 100+ mg
- QC analysis

Technology Process
Alternate Text Gene synthesis
Alternate Text Vector construction
Alternate Text Transient expression evaluation
Alternate Text Stable cell line generation selection and screening
Alternate Text Single clone selection and screening
Alternate Text Protein expression and purification
Alternate Text Product delivery
Service Workflow
Alternate Text Customer Consultation
Alternate Text Program and contract confirmation
Alternate Text Project initiation
Alternate Text Feedback and sample delivery
Alternate Text Scalable production
Alternate Text Product delivery
Case Study

Case #1. Expression of the HP mAb in the constructed CHO-K1 stable cell line
ClongeneBio constructed the CHO-K1 stable cell line, which can express the HP mAb. The affinity test result after expression and purification is shown as Figure 1.

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