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High-throughput Antibody Production

High-throughput Antibody Production

With the growing demand for research-type antibodies and the screening of a large number of antibody samples in a short time, ClongeneBio has developed a high-throughput recombinant antibody production services to support the screening of antibody drugs. High-throughput recombinant antibody production services only take 18 working days from gene synthesis to antibody delivery. HEK293 cells or CHO cells are used as host cells to provide customers with fast and efficient recombinant antibody production services through standardized antibody expression platform. 


Service Details
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Gene synthesis and subclone


- Codon optimization and gene synthesis
- Subcloning into an expression vector
- Plasmid amplification and preparation

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Transient expression and purification


- Transient transfection of cells
- Antibody protein purification
- QC analysis

Technology Process
Alternate Text Customer provides antibody sequence
Alternate Text Gene synthesis
Alternate Text Vector construction and plasmid amplification
Alternate Text Protein expression and purification
Alternate Text Product delivery
Service Workflow
Alternate Text Customer Consultation
Alternate Text Program and contract confirmation
Alternate Text Project initiation
Alternate Text Feedback and sample delivery
Alternate Text Scalable production
Alternate Text Product delivery
Case Study

Case #1. High-throughput production of antibodies by using mammalian transient expression
According to the customer's requirements, we used the mammalian transient expression system to  produce antibodies. The purified antibodies are verified by SDS-PAGE and SEC-HPLC.

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