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Privacy protection policy

Privacy protection policy

I. Introduction

In order to protect the privacy of users and the security of personal information, we have formulated this privacy policy. The purpose of this policy is to describe our code of conduct in the collection, use, storage and transfer of user information, as well as measures to protect user information and security safeguards.

Ii. Definition

Privacy information: Information relating to personal identity, personal behavior, personal preferences, location, etc., and information that can identify an individual individually or in combination with other information.

III. privacy protection principles

Minimization principle: We only collect, use and store the necessary information of users, and minimize the use and storage time of information as much as possible.
Anonymization Principle: Under the premise of not affecting the service, we adopt anonymization as far as possible to reduce the collection, use and storage of users' personal information.
Encryption principle: For the transmission and storage of sensitive information involving users, we will take security measures such as encryption to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of the information.
User Consent Principle: We will only collect, use or share personal information with the explicit consent of users.
Principle of transparency: We will clearly explain to users our collection, use and sharing of personal information, and ensure that users can easily access and correct personal information.
Responsibility Principle: We have the obligation to keep users' personal information confidential and will take measures to ensure the security of users' information.
Supervision principle: We will set up a special privacy protection agency, which is responsible for supervising and managing the protection of personal information, and accept the supervision and audit of relevant departments.
IV. Collection, use and sharing of privacy information

We collect and use personal information as follows:
a) Voluntarily provided by the user;
b) perform the obligations prescribed by laws and regulations;
c) Providing services and maintaining the operation of the Website;
d) Protect the personal and property safety of users and others.
We will share information according to the consent and authorization of the user, including with partners, affiliates, etc. If the sharing of information involves personal information, we will ensure that the sharing is consistent with the relevant provisions of this policy.
We will comply with relevant laws and regulations when cooperating with third parties on data, and ensure that the protection of users' personal information by the partners complies with the relevant provisions of this policy.
We will provide users' personal information to relevant departments or agencies in accordance with the requirements of laws and regulations and procedural provisions.
If we find a security breach or risk in the user's personal information, we will immediately notify the user and take the necessary remedial measures.
We will retain users' personal information in accordance with the provisions of this Policy and promptly delete or anonymize it when it is no longer needed.
We will take reasonable technical and administrative measures to protect users' personal information and ensure that it is not subject to unauthorized access, use or disclosure.