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Cookie policy

Cookie policy

I. Introduction

In order to better understand user needs and enhance user experience, our website uses cookies. The purpose of this policy is to describe our code of conduct regarding the use of cookies, as well as measures for the protection of user information and security safeguards.

Ii. Definition

Cookie: A small text file stored on the user's computer that is used to track the user's activity and behavior on the website.

III. Use of cookies

We use cookies to collect data about the behavior of users on the Website, such as pages viewed by users, links clicked, etc. This data can help us optimize website design and functionality and provide a more personalized user experience.
We use cookies to identify users in order to provide personalized content and features once the user has logged in.
We use cookies to track a user's activity on the site in order to provide relevant advertisements and recommendations when the user is browsing other pages.
We use cookies to store the user's preferences and Settings, such as language preferences, font sizes, etc., so that these Settings are automatically applied the next time the user visits.
IV. Cookie security

We use encryption technology to protect cookie data in transit and ensure its confidentiality and integrity.
We take security measures such as encryption for cookie data involving users' sensitive information to prevent unauthorized access and use.
We regularly clean up expired cookies and ensure that cookies that are no longer used are deleted in a timely manner.
We periodically backup and encrypt cookie data to prevent data loss and corruption.
V. Rights and choices of users

The user has the right to choose whether or not to accept cookies. If the user opts not to accept cookies, we will respect their choice and stop using cookies.
If a user opts to accept cookies, we will send a cookie to their browser to identify the user's identity and preferences. When a user visits our website, we will automatically read this cookie and apply the corresponding personalized content and functions.
If users want to change their cookie Settings or delete cookies, they can do so in the browser Settings. For details, see the help document of the browser.