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Mammalian Transient Protein Expression

Mammalian Transient Protein Expression

The mammalian cell expression has the advantage of guiding the correct folding of protein, providing complex glycosylation modification. Therefore, the expressed recombinant protein is closest to natural higher biological protein molecules in molecular structure, physicochemical properties and biological function, and has better activity than prokaryotic expression system and eukaryotic expression system such as yeast and insect cell. HEK293 cells and CHO cells were used as expression hosts in the mammalian transient expression system of ClongeneBio. With years of experience in protein expression, ClongeneBio can provide flexible services to meet the needs of different customers. 



Service Details
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Gene synthesis and subclone

- Codon optimization and gene synthesis
- Subcloning into an expression vector
- Plasmid amplification and preparation

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Protein expression and purification

- Transient transfection of HEK293/CHO cells
- Protein purification 
- QC analysis

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Large-scale expression and purification (Optional)


- Target protein
- QC analysis


Technology Process
Alternate Text Gene synthesis
Alternate Text Vector construction and plasmid amplification
Alternate Text Protein expression and purification
Alternate Text Large-scale expression and purification (optional)
Alternate Text Product delivery
Service Workflow
Alternate Text Customer Consultation
Alternate Text Program and contract confirmation
Alternate Text Project initiation
Alternate Text Feedback and sample delivery
Alternate Text Scalable production
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Case Study

Case #1: Transient expression of the target protein in mammalian cells

The mammalian transient expression system is used to express target protein. The SDS-PAGE of the purified protein is shown in Figure 1.

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